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Denver medical practitioners partner with Robin

Robin can help your patients meet their health goals

Board-certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Robin is trusted by doctors, functional medicine practitioners and a range of other health experts to complement medical treatment and teach clients how to use food to improve their health.

Some of the services and expertise that Robin receives referrals for are:

  • sugar reduction/lowering risk for diabetes
  • weight loss
  • lowering cholesterol
  • solving digestive problems caused by food sensitivities
  • reducing heartburn and acid reflux
  • and much, much more

Robin understands that while many medical practitioners recommend their patients change their diets to improve their health conditions, often patients don’t know how to implement strategic diet changes into their everyday lives. That’s where Robin comes in. She works with each client to create a bio-individualized nutrition plan, and then counsels them on how to successfully implement it into their daily lives.

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