My New Favorite Gluten-Free Beer

and where to find it in Denver!

I used to be an occasional beer drinker. Then, I realized that beer didn’t love me back. Finally, I realized that it was the gluten in beer that didn’t love me. So, I drink beer very infrequently. But just recently, I discovered Daura Damm Marzen, a gluten-free beer from Spain. It is also dairy-free and soy-free. Its caramel colored goodness is heavier than a lager, but not too heavy. It tastes like a good beer should, not like water. I LOVED it & thought you might want to try it or have a bit more info on it.


Daura Damm Marzen is crafted to remove gluten from double malt. It is award winning and “suitable for celiacs” as well as non-gluten-sensitive people. The gluten from the barley malt is processed out from an enzymic dyrolysation process, which means this delicious beer contains less than 3 parts per million (how they measure gluten in products).

I found this delicious new gluten-free beer option while dining on burgers (on a gluten-free bun, yum!) at TAG Burger Bar in Denver. You can also find it at the following restaurants:

  • Freshcraft, 1530 Blake Street, Denver
  • Highland Tap & Burger, 2219 W. 32nd Street, Denver
  • Reivers Bar & Grill, 1085 S. Gaylord, Denver

And at the following stores in the Denver area:

  • Grape Expectations Wine & Spirits
  • Asbury Provisions
  • Wines off Wynkoop
  • Great Divide Tap room
  • Black Shirt Brewing Company
  • The Publik House, Littleton

You can find lots more info about this great gluten-free beer at dauradamm.com.

As always at Healthy Nest, beer is included in the “celebration” bucket of foods. That should be the smallest bucket. “Fuel” should always be the biggest bucket. 🙂

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