Maria Rose Capecelatro

Denver holistic nutritionist

our mood and nutrition specialist

Maria was an anxious child who started struggling with depression as a teenager. In college, her depression and anxiety made it difficult to concentrate, eat and be around people. She tried a range of antidepressant medications that gave her new symptoms and made her feel like anyone but herself.

After college, she studied depression in neuropsychology and psychology labs. Next, she worked in a center for children who have AD/HD, ASD and anxiety, which opened her eyes to how nutrition can impact behavior and mood. When the center’s Nutrition Therapist suggested that gluten may contribute to her symptoms, Maria removed it from her diet. Suddenly, she felt like herself again! And she hasn’t looked back since.

After this, Maria enrolled in the Nutrition Therapy Institute, completed her Masters and wrote a thesis on how gluten contributes to depression and anxiety. Maria wants to help others struggling with mental health issues discover how to feel like themselves again. She believes that food and lifestyle are equally important in this process. Whenever she pushes herself too hard and doesn’t get enough sleep and relaxation, she sees changes in her weight, energy level and mood. It’s always a challenge to find balance but you gotta keep trying!

Maria loves to cook in her spare time, especially paleo muffins and anything with zoodles. She also loves to kickbox, swim, lift weights, travel, read and write. When Maria is not seeing clients for Healthy Nest, she works as the Chief Nutritionist for Unwrapp’d, a Denver food startup that makes energy bar dough.


Education Certified in Holistic Nutrition
Masters of Nutrition Therapy (MNT)
Nutrition Therapy Institute

Ongoing Continuing Education for Nutrition Therapy

Certifications from:
Apex Energetics, Xymogen, Inc.,

Completed Courses Include:

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Inflammatory Brain Drain

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Bachelor of Science (Sc.B.), Human Biology: Brain & Behavior
Brown University


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Capecelatro MR, Sacchet MD, Hitchcock PF, Miller SM, Britton, WB. Major depression duration reduces appetitive word use: An elaborated verbal recall of emotional photographs. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 2013; 47: 809-815.

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