Hormone Issues

Food Impacts Hormones

Diet Can Help Get Your Hormone Levels Back On Track

Our hormones act as chemical messengers that affect our mental and emotional health as well as our physical health. Hormones control our appetite, weight, mood, energy, stress, sleep and lots more.

Our bodies are supposed to be able to produce the amounts of hormones we need to run smoothly and feel great every day. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen due to hormone imbalance. Sometimes we find ourselves running on empty, and that causes us to feel tired, have brain fog, gain weight, experience disrupted sleep, be moody and just not feel well.

There are great scientific studies proving diet affects the following hormones: thyroid, insulin, sex, stress and feel-good brain hormones. Diet can impact hormones positively and negatively.

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we work to replenish hormonal status through changes in diet and targeted supplementation, and that translates to success with your health goals.

What to Eat for Hormone Health

First, we figure out if it’s the protein, a lack of enzyme in your system or a combo problem. If it’s enzyme, we can help you find your “sweet spot” — you might be able to eat some dairy foods that are enzymically active on their own (so you don’t have to use your own enzymes for breakdown).

Protein is super important-impacting hormones that control appetite and food intake Healthy fats as well as lots of colorful veggies assist in the creation of your hormones. Higher fiber carbohydrates feed our bodies and assist with balanced hormones

Eat just enough, not too much, not too little helps with hormonal balance. In general, eat a whole foods diet.

What to Avoid for Good Hormone Health

Sugar (specifically fructose) increases insulin levels and can promote insulin resistance. Following a lower carb or slow carb diet helps lower insulin for people with blood sugar and hormonal (PCOS) issues. In general, eating a lower sugar, anti-inflammatory diet impacts hormonal status

Healthy Nest Nutrition can help you with your hormones. We’ve got you.  We have menus, recipes, grocery lists that will be tailored to your body and your situation. We help you create good sustainable food habits for your stable hormones.