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why work with a Healthy Nest nutritionist?

dialed-in programs

Our nutritionists are committed to resolving your issues. That’s why our 4- and 6-week programs give you everything you need to achieve the best diet for your body, including personalized meal plans, recipes and the tools you need to make healthy nutrition doable and delicious.

one-on-one sessions

At Healthy Nest, you’ll work with a personal nutritionist who will evaluate your body chemistry, lifestyle and goals. Then, you’ll work one-on-one together to achieve those goals. By providing ongoing support and accountability, these personal sessions are the key to long-term success.

targeted testing

Your nutritionist will first evaluate your issues and then — only if needed — will selectively test for food allergies and intolerances as well as adrenal and hormone imbalances. Our goal is to utilize the optimal tests needed to pinpoint problems and then to apply natural solutions to help you resolve your health issues.

Healthy Nest’s holistic nutrition programs

Natural Weight Loss Program

Our 6-week program includes everything you need for success. You’ll get 6 one-on-one sessions with a nutritionist, a customized meal plan, doable & delicious recipes, grocery & swap lists, and — most importantly — the accountability and support you need to make real life changes!

Digestive Repair & Rebuild Program

This 4- session program is designed to pinpoint and resolve a variety of digestive issues, including food intolerances, IBS and constipation as well as diet-related problems with mood or foggy brain. Our toolkit includes a personal workbook and state-of-the art microbiome and food intolerance testing.

Family Nutrition Makeover Program

Over the course of 3 private sessions, your Healthy Nest nutritionist will transform the way your family eats! With respect to your family’s challenges — whether budget, time or picky eaters — we’ll implement grocery, food-prep and mealtime routines that empower you to feed your family nutritious food every day.

Customized Programs

Have a unique nutrition challenge? We are happy to customize a program for you. Most of our clients require no more than 4 sessions followed by occasional maintenance sessions as needed. We are committed to only working with clients that we truly feel we can help, so we invite you to schedule a free phone consultation to speak with a nutritionist!

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