Food Impacts Focus, Concentration & Learning

The easiest way to control how we feel,  is to pay closer attention to what we eat. This includes how we are able to focus, concentrate and learn, whether that be school work for kids or job work for adults.

Like it or not, what we eat affects our behavior. It’s a pretty straightforward equation actually; unbalanced sugar or glucose in our systems creates unstable moods, low concentration & energy peaks and valleys, making it very difficult to focus on any task. But, when our cells have the optimal amount of fuel we feel good, can think straight and have the ability for sustained focus. In other words, when our fuel tanks are depleted, energy levels drop, which causes brain fog, irritability, low energy and increased distractibility. The trick is to keep our fuel tanks full for as long as possible during the day.


SO–How do we try to control it?

We are looking for sustained balance in energy to fuel our brains–so they can think, focus, concentrate and learn.

  1. Limiting sugar- whites forms of sugar (white flour, sugar, pasta and rice) will help prevent constant blood sugar swings. Subbing complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or oatmeal for simple white carbohydrates and candy will assist with stabilizing blood sugar. Balanced sugar creates a calm environment for work, focus & learning.
  2. Choosing Fruit-Fruit is natures candy, but its much better than fabricated candy. It is sweetness wrapped in fiber, so it’s a great slow release of sustained energy and fuel for the brain.
  3. Eating regularly through the day provides a constant stream of brain food. If you ‘lose it’ at 10 am and 3:00 pm, your body is screaming for a snack and more brain fuel. Choosing snacks foods in combination helps with sustained energy-think carrots and hummus, peanut butter with toast, or almond butter with apple.
  4. Hydrate the brain. Our brains and body need water. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day.
  5. EAT FAT-our brains are made of a significant amount of fats. Please don’t be fat-phobic. Eat avocado or nuts. They are brain food, and will help with concentration.

I hope these quick suggestions help. Maybe they are a good start to increasing focus and concentration. If you want more help, please feel free to reach out to info@, or connect to the holistic nutritionists at Healthy Nest Nutrition here.






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