My New Favorite Gluten-Free Beer

My New Favorite Gluten-Free Beer

and where to find it in Denver!

I used to be an occasional beer drinker. Then, I realized that beer didn’t love me back. Finally, I realized that it was the gluten in beer that didn’t love me. So, I drink beer very infrequently. But just recently, I discovered Daura Damm Marzen, a gluten-free beer from Spain. It is also dairy-free and soy-free. Its caramel colored goodness is heavier than a lager, but not too heavy. It tastes like a good beer should, not like water. I LOVED it & thought you might want to try it or have a bit more info on it.

IMG_20170721_142435_01Daura Damm Marzen is crafted to remove gluten from double malt. It is award winning and “suitable for celiacs” as well as non-gluten-sensitive people. The gluten from the barley malt is processed out from an enzymic dyrolysation process, which means this delicious beer contains less than 3 parts per million (how they measure gluten in products).

I found this delicious new gluten-free beer option while dining on burgers (on a gluten-free bun, yum!) at TAG Burger Bar in Denver. You can also find it at the following restaurants:

  • Freshcraft, 1530 Blake Street, Denver
  • Highland Tap & Burger, 2219 W. 32nd Street, Denver
  • Reivers Bar & Grill, 1085 S. Gaylord, Denver


And at the following stores in the Denver area:

  • Grape Expectations Wine & Spirits
  • Asbury Provisions
  • Wines off Wynkoop
  • Great Divide Tap room
  • Black Shirt Brewing Company
  • The Publik House, Littleton

You can find lots more info about this great gluten-free beer at

As always at Healthy Nest, beer is included in the “celebration” bucket of foods. That should be the smallest bucket. “Fuel” should always be the biggest bucket. 🙂

If you want more help on going gluten-free or finding your best diet, please reach out to Healthy Nest Nutrition. We offer a 20 min. complimentary consult for prospective new clients to make sure nutrition therapy is a good fit for you.

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