Do You Have Unmet Weight-Loss Resolutions for 2017?

Remember back in January when you resolved to eat healthier and lose weight? If you managed to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, congrats to you! But if you’re part of the 92% of people who didn’t, NOW is the perfect time to start.

You might be thinking that the holidays aren’t the best time to try and eat healthier, but let’s think it through. Yes, you are busy with errands and commitments, but you also probably have more downtime — long weekends to plan and prep meals and perhaps even a lull at work. And yes, you will have a few celebratory meals, but a successful weight-loss program will teach you how to eat every day of your life — including on celebratory days.

CTA - Holiday Weight Loss

There are 45 days left until the end of the year — just over six weeks. And guess what? Healthy Nest’s Natural Weight Loss Program is six weeks long! You could make progress in the next six weeks and feel better about yourself before you ring in 2018.

Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Natural Weight Loss Program is a 3-pronged approach:

1) Tweaking what you eat, which translates to losing .5-2 pounds per week (slow but sure, FOREVER weight loss).

2) Reframing how you view your food. Gone are the “good” eating days and “bad” eating days. In are the “well-fueled” days and “celebration” moments. YAY for that. No need to punish yourself for your food choices. Just learn how to choose the right patterns for your body.

3) Building  accountability — to our holistic nutritionists as well as yourself. Each week there are 4 points of contact with the nutritionists (3 online, 1 in-office). This plan supports new habits and routines for you, so that you can achieve your best diet, meet your health goals and maintain your success.The Healthy Nest Natural Weight Loss Program includes 6 weeks of menus with recipes and a grocery list, weekly mindfulness/emotional reframing of how you view your food, and a supportive, professional team to help you succeed.

Here’s what Healthy Nest Natural Weight Loss client Amy W. has to say:

“I followed the Healthy Nest Nutrition Natural Weight Loss Program beginning this past spring. My goal was to lose 25 pounds. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it because i’ve tried so many other programs. This really isn’t a program; it’s a new way to view your food, new go-to foods, and finding what to eat for my body. I’m eating way less pasta and way more fats! And, I definitely got the message that I was eating for the wrong reasons. Now, I listen to my body, eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I follow the fuel + celebration rule every day. It was key to getting me to my goal. I’m now 2 sizes down, in a size 8 and thrilled! Thanks to the holistic nutritionists at Healthy Nest.”