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vitamin, mineral & herbal supplementation

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we’ll guide you on the appropriate supplements for you

All of Healthy Nest’s supplements are very high-quality medical and pharmaceutical grade. They are only available by health practitioners. Supplementation is suggested along with diet changes, and on a case-by-case basis. Consultation is required before any supplements are distributed. Please contact Robin for more information about your specific supplementation needs.

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our preferred products

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Apex Energetics is a professional, pharmaceutical grade supplement line offering a wide range of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and endocrine support to help support and encourage physiological improvement. Apex Energetics uses hypo-allergenic practices when developing their formulas, which allows for more broad usage without allergic side effects. Robin uses these supplements for many conditions some of which include: detoxification support, adrenal and blood sugar support, anti-inflammatory processes, etc. Read more at apexenergetics.com.

Vital Nutrients is the third professional grade supplement line at Healthy Nest. Vital Nutrients is a leader in quality assurance. Their supplements set the bar for purity, potency, stability, and consistency, and the raw and finished products are all third party-tested. Robin uses vitamin, mineral and herbal support from Vital Nutrients to assist with hormonal balance. Read more at vitalnutrients.net.

Your body’s natural enzymatic code for a healthy life was determined before birth- Transformation Enzymes helps recapture that same balance. Digestive health is paramount to the health of every body system. Healthy Nest uses Transformation’s enzymes to support the digestive system and immune system. Also, enzymes are used to diminish the inflammatory response, lessening the effects of injury, surgery and muscle soreness.

At Healthy Nest we use Billy’s Superfoods for targeted supplementation. Infinity Greens is an amazing blend of 36 health supportive green superfoods. Billy’s is 100% organic and wild-crafted algae based superfood, which is grass and gluten free. Infinity-C contains a pure plant based vitamin C with NO Ascorbic Acid. It is 100% wildcrafted, raw, and vegan for absolute purity. Billy’s is the ultimate whole-food

The Xymogen Company is diligent about finding the best raw materials, and have VERY high quality, purity, and efficacy standards.  Their formulations are smartly combined and effective.  This is leading-edge science making innovative, dynamic and ever-evolving formulations.  Mostly, we like Xymogen because their powders taste great and our customers enjoy using them.

Healthy Nest uses Drucker Lab’s carbon-bonded liquid comprehensive nutritional supplements for kids and adults. It has been developed to infuse nutrients directly into the cell expediting the absorbtion and detoxification. They contain whole food ingredients and naturally sourced trace minerals.

Klaire Labs was one of the first, and is the premier manufacturer of probiotics in the country.  Klaire Labs, Inc. has an unwavering commitment to hypoallergenic supplementation that is formulated for purity, bioavailability, and safety based on the most current documented research available.  Their manufacturing practices are strict and adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices, and advanced raw material batch testing.

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We’ll send you recipes & nutrition tips that help you understand how food affects your body.

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