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Is Corona Gluten-Free or Not?

I’ve had several clients ask me about gluten-free beers. I know for sure that that Red Bridge and Bards are both gluten-free. I know that Bud Light Lime is made with rice instead of barley. But, I am asked frequently about Corona Extra beer.  There seems to be a controversy about whether it is gluten-free or not, so I did a little digging.

I found that Corona does have a very small amount of gluten, and lots of folks can drink it without digestive distress. For context, one Corona contains 20 ppm or less per beer. The limit for the gluten-free designation in this country is 20 ppm. Other beers contain well over 2000 ppm. In fact, Mexican Coronas are actually marked as gluten-free. Here is the link to check out the FDA guidelines for yourselves.

Stout & Cellar graphic - squareHowever, Corona Extra is made with barley (as well as water, hops and yeast, according to the Canadian Corona Company). Unfortunately, barley contains gluten, so if you are celiac, you should definitely not drink Corona. To be clear, barley does not contain wheat; it contains gluten. If you are allergic to wheat but not to barley, you may be able to tolerate the barley in Corona. It’s really important to understand your own condition.

Delayed onset food allergy/intolerance may take weeks to show symptoms. Just because you don’t notice outward symptoms right away, it doesn’t mean your body isn’t experiencing some internal inflammation and other distress. So now you know what I know, and hopefully you have more information available to make your own educated decisions about this beer. Maybe you will have a Corona this weekend. If that is the case, ENJOY!  Maybe you’ll choose something else and enjoy that with more peace of mind.

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