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we love helping our clients achieve their optimal health.

digestive distress

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I met Robin at Pura Vida Heath & Fitness club. I was tired of all the menopausal symptoms I was going through and wanted a safe and healthy approach as a solution. She is the best! We sat and talked and came up with several things that have helped me tremendously! Knowledgeable, kind, attentive and fun....I would highly recommend her to anyone - she is my "go-to-gal" for any and all my nutrition questions!Cyndi K
Cyndi K(mid-50's)
I wanted to write you a quick note, as I am in disbelief about the difference the past ten days has shown. Admittedly, the past week has entailed quite a bit of eating out and drinking, which further promotes my disbelief." "Beginning with our first consultation, I have been diligent about one cup of coffee of a day (haven't deviated once!), waking up to a probiotic and lemon water, drinking lemon/ACV water through the day, incorporating more nutritional yeast, and increasing protein with eggs and tempeh, as well as better varying my meals. I haven't really started with the pickle therapy yet." "And since then, I have had a bowel movement every day, at least one a day! Seriously! I also haven't woken up bloated or experienced gas/digestive pain.A. P
A. P~ having digestive problems, age early 30s
After seeing multiple doctors and health professionals over an 8 year span, with no real resolution, Robin was able to pin down the cause my digestive issues within the first couple of visits. She took the time to get to know more about me than just the food I eat. She then worked with me to figure out how to address my issue. She made sure that each suggestion she made was realistically something I could do - and she continually checks in with me to ensure that I'm still on track. I highly recommend Health Nest Nutrition!Carrie M
Carrie M(age 32)
Robin has really helped me to eat a better breakfast. I used to eat a cinnamon roll or a bagel every morning, but now I drink a protein shake or have yogurt and granola. I have more energy for my day because of Robin.Abe N
Abe N14 years old


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Thanks so much for your help--you've made my GAPS journey so much more successful than when I tried to do it myself." "I've had so much progress since I saw you--i'm amazed it's only been a week. My digestion is great, I lost 5 pounds without trying, and despite the fact that I still have way more work than I can do, I actually have energy most of the time. I don't feel like panicking any more! Hurray for the GAPS dietChristina C
Christina C(mid 30's, just had baby, digestively challenged), on GAPS diet
I was a mess when I first started seeing Robin. I had a laundry list of problems and my doctor suggested hormones to get me through perimenopause. I wanted to try a more natural way before I resorted to my doctor’s suggestion. I just didn’t know what to do. Robin suggested food changes and western herbs. I started a seed cycle, which is taking different seeds at different times of the month and that really helped lessen my hot flashes. Also, I started taking herbs. My skin and hair started to shine, I was less irritable, less bloated and could think again. I just feel my body is working better now, and I feel great.Melissa F
Melissa F49 years old
I’m totally grateful to Robin and give her the credit for getting rid of all symptoms of Autoimmune Hepatitis….for about a year now, all the liver function tests have been shown to be normal….this follows a diagnosis that I would never be free of liver disease….her prescription which asked me to try to be gluten free, stay away from red meat, eat tons of vegetables and fruits, nuts, and she gave specific instructions as to which products would directly benefit liver nourishment… all worked and I’m a 100% fan of Robin.Duane J
Duane J78 years old

natural weight loss

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Robin knows how to take your nutritional life next level and beyond.Natalie
NatalieMid-30s, natural weight loss
Thanks for inspiring me to spend time in the kitchen making healthy and yummy things!Lisa
LisaAge 43
I met with Robin to get a grip on my diet and received a gift about life that I wasn't expecting. When she asked "what are you feeding", I really had to think "what was I feeding"? She recommended slowing down, enjoying each bite, appreciating the work that went into creating the meal... wow, I had really been missing out on one of life's great pleasures! In 6 weeks, Robin has taught me to slow down, savor my food, and to allow myself a cheat day now and then. This week I finally turned the corner and realized that I could eat healthy and nutrient rich foods every day and still have an occasional glass of wine and dessert. This eating plan is no longer a diet to me. I am actually craving quinoa and kale! I highly recommend Robin who seems to have a unique understanding for people as well as food.I highly recommend Robin as a nutritionist and for her coaching on enjoying life!Marian V
Marian V(mid-50's, weight loss, perimenopause)
Robin is a very knowledgeable and supportive nutritionist - she provided the right amount of structure, information, guidance and support to help me feel better and lose weight! She recommended plans and supplements that worked beautifully - and I'm typically skeptical of any magical solutions from a bottle. Her plans are easy to follow, taste delicious, and really improved my health. Robin also provides the right amount of therapeutic support - balancing the right amount of questions with insights (and as a licensed psychologist, I have some expertise in this area!). I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better about their relationship with food and their body.Liz W
Liz W(new mom)
Robin helped me with my weight by teaching me what was going on inside my body. We worked together for almost a year. She coached me, supported me, and taught me with great patience. She came to each meeting with delicious recipe ideas, good explanations of my issues, and a warm heart. She is easy to talk to and plainspoken about complicated things. She motivated me to make better food choices than I had in the past. I have tried many times before to drop my “baby-weight,” only to be disappointed. With Robin, I took a lot of little steps toward better eating habits. At the same time, I had other energy problems. We were able to deal with those issues too with foods and vitamins. With time I lost weight, slept better, and gained energy. I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you Robin!Debbie S
Debbie S39 years old


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Robin is the most knowledgeable, skilled, smart, and attentive nutritionist i have ever come into contact with. Her philosophy that food can heal just about everything is right up my alley. I met Robin in Denver and now work with her over the phone from Maine. I'm continually amazed at how much she knows. My medical condition makes it complicated to treat me, or so i thought. Robin will work with my doctors at anytime. She continually wants me to check-in with them about what she's recommending to make sure all is copasetic. It usually is. She completely understands how antibiotics interact with the system and what foods and supplements can counteract their negative affects. The products Robin uses are top of the line and meticulously researched. You will know immediately that you are in the best of hands. I met Robin through my sister, another meticulous researcher. I knew if she recommended her than she was someone i should speak with. I'm so glad that i did. I imagine that i will be working with Robin as needed for years to come. There's really no issue she can't address.Emily C
Emily C(mid-forties)
I went to see Robin for my son, who is eight and has dyslexia and AD/HD. He was having trouble reading in school and paying attention. He was easily distracted. Robin explained that his digestion has a lot to do with his focus and his ability to concentrate. She recommended changing his diet, which was hard at first, but now we have it figured out. She also recommended probiotics and fats, of all things. Six months later he is doing much better and is at grade-level with reading. His teachers are amazed, and we are too. It is a gift to see your child thrive. It was the best parenting move we’ve ever made to work with Robin.Rachel H
Rachel Hfor son, 8 years old

family nutrition

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Emily just ate a heaping serving of steamed broccoli!!!!Happy mom of VERY picky school-age girl
Happy mom of VERY picky school-age girlADHD Diet
Robin is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and so easy to work with. She really cares! She's helped me and my husband and kids with myriad issues from food allergies and digestive issues to low energy, ADD, you name it. See her before your doc puts you on medication; she'll make it easy for you to try dietary changes to see if that helps first. 5 stars for sure!!!Alison W
Alison W(a very busy working mom)
Marcus thought his first meeting with you was AWESOME! He is interested in trying your whole foods/good eating habits approach to weight loss and healthy eating. So far, he seems to be drinking his water in his new water bottle, making a few smarter choices, and not eating so much all day long. I thought you were very good with him, and your approach will work with him. Thank you!Mom of Marcus
Mom of Marcus(age 14)
When it comes to feeding my family, I am very conscientious about offering healthy meals..that don't always get eaten! Robin's down-to-earth, practical approach gave me new ideas and perspectves about ways to improve my kids' nutritional intake. I am so glad to have found her.Meg S
Meg Smom of 2 (ages 8 & 10)
Robin planned engaging and informative lessons on nutrition for our 7th and 8th grade students. Robin is thoughtful and has a way of talking with children that keeps her lessons interesting and encourages all children to participate. The students worked so well in groups and surprised themselves with how much they loved things like Roasted Red Pepper Dip and other healthy snacks. I know Robin made a lasting impact on the way our students think about eating and nutrition. We will definitely have her back!Stephanie B
Stephanie BTeenage Nutrition Unit, 7&8th graders
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