group wellness

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customized group sessions

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1-hour nutrition nutrition workshops

The following is a list of tried and true lectures. Each can be customized to meet your group’s specific needs. All of them have an interactive component, and a Q & A time at the end.

Many of our workshops are coupled with a group challenge as a kick-start to new routines. A cooking segment can be added on. All lectures will come with a selection of delicious recipes to try at home.

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customizable session ideas

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  • The Deal with Sugar—balancing blood sugar (with nutrition challenge)
  • Food Label-basic training
  • Pantry Re-do
  • Stress-free grocery store shopping and meal planning
  • Diet, Portions & Satiety
  • SLEEP!
  • Natural Weight Loss (with nutrition challenge)
  • Common Foods Cause Joint Pain
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  • Nutrition & the Growing Brain
  • Food & Mood
  • Going Gluten-Free
  • Fight the Flu-Natural Solutions for a Strong Immune System
  • Kick-Start Clean Eating (with nutrition challenge)
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet (with nutrition challenge)
  • Better Digestion through Good Bugs (Probiotics)
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  • Dastardly Dairy and what to Do
  • Teaching Moderation–How-To 80/20
  • Breakfast Basics
  • Snack Swaps
  • WHY & HOW of SMOOTHIES! (with demo)
  • Eating for Sustained Energy
  • Take the 1st Step-a gentle 7 day guide to Whole Foods (with challenge)
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join our nest

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We’ll send you recipes & nutrition tips that help you understand how food affects your body.

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