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The Healthy Nest program designed for busy families

work 1-on-1 with a personal nutritionist to meet your family’s food goals

As a mother of three, Healthy Nest founder Robin Hutchinson understands the challenges of ensuring your family eats nutritious, whole-food meals. After working with dozens of families to tackle common nutrition obstacles, Robin designed Healthy Nest’s Family Nutrition Makeover Program.

Appropriate for families with kids of all ages, the Family Nutrition Makeover Program includes three sessions with a personal nutritionist along with meal plans, recipes, grocery-store cheat sheets and other tools and tips to help you feed your family healthy, whole foods every day

what to expect

Session 1: A Healthy Nest nutritionist will meet with one or both adults in your family to discuss your current eating patterns and challenges such as time, money, cooking ability and picky kids. Then, we’ll establish action items such as healthy food swaps, recipes to try and grocery shopping changes. You’ll walk away with a clarity about where you are and where you want to be. You’ll receive a 55-page Family Nutrition Makeover Guide.

Session 2:  First, we’ll discuss what went well and what challenges you faced since your last session. School-age children are welcome, and your nutritionist will talk to the family about age-appropriate nutrition. You’ll leave with more action items tailored to your family (for instance, if your child will only eat white foods, we might send you home with a cauliflower recipe that has been successful with other picky kids).

Session 3: By the third session, you will be seeing positive changes in your family’s eating routine! We’ll address any remaining areas where you might be struggling and talk about doable solutions. Your nutritionist will also look at what types of foods and recipes work best for your family and help you plan for variety moving forward. After this session, you’ll be prepared for long-term success with grocery shopping, meal planning, food-prep tips and recipes.

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our approach to family nutrition

healthy child

Growing kids need a stable, nutrient rich diet filled with ‘growing’ foods and NOT with junk food. Healthy Nest believes giving children the knowledge of ‘what to eat’ early on, is the greatest gift you can give. We’re happy to teach your children (and you) what foods to choose to make their bodies into well-oiled machines! (This is age appropriate, of course).

healthy brain

Our gut (digestive system) and our brains are connected.  At Healthy Nest we work on the gut to impact the brain. Since the majority of our feel good hormones AND our immune system is located in the gut, it is very impactful work for optimal health.  How do we do this?  We ensure you eat lots of good real food, and swap out sugary, processed food. Will this be painful, you might ask? We answer…not a bit!!  We make it easy, and delicious.

healthy learning

Is your child having problems in school? Kids (small and large) who are experiencing brain fog, focus and concentration issues, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, mental exhaustion and mood swings are not balanced nutritionally. Let us help you clear the cob webs and infuse them with nutritious food. A whole food diet with targeted supplementation REALLY helps kid’s brains.

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