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Certain foods promote brain health, which contributes to mental clarity and sustained focus. Many, MANY people struggle to stay focused at school and at work.

We look to find the specific nutrients that your body needs for sustained attention. We feed your body, the body balances and focus improves. Over time we have developed our own diet protocol, called The Healthy Nest Learning Diet ™, to address most of the issues and strengthen brain health, mental clarity, and sustained focus.

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mental clarity & focus issues

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Focus and concentration problems are very common with kids and adults.  Sometimes problems are severe enough to call it Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  We know ADHD is a growing problem, but why? Research shows that food we eat determines how well we think and feel. It can even affect your success at school and work.

Normally, someone with focus, concentration and learning problems has other digestive problems.  Let’s look at possible reasons for dysfunction.  It could be too much sugar in the diet, not enough good fats, additives and preservative overload, food intolerance or allergen, nutritional deficiency, toxin overexposure, gut flora imbalance or lack of digestive enzymes, just to name a few.

Uncovering and mending the underlying individual problem can greatly help the digestive system and clear the brain. With the body functioning better, kids and adults can think more clearly for academic and workplace success.

Often times people are intolerant to wheat, dairy, corn, nuts or shellfish.  These are the most common allergens.  In some cases, eliminating the offending food is all that is needed to make people feel much better.  Additives, preservatives and too much sugar are potential problems. They are excitotoxins that fog our brains.  They literally impair our neurotransmitters from doing their work.  Eliminating food colorings, and food chemicals goes a long way toward calming the body and making you feel better.

What is going on with you? Together, we can figure it out, and uncover your underlying problem.

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common specific problems

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  • Blood sugar balance
  • Not enough healthy fats in the body
  • Lack of quality proteins
  • Amino acid imbalance
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalance
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Methodically, we tick off the issues that contribute to ‘fuzzy head’ or distractedness. Inch by inch you are focused, and mental energy is sustained.